Hello world! I’m BLOGGING! Maybe now I can get some sleep.

Can you believe it? Me? A “blogger”?!  Who would have thunk it?  Not me. That’s for sure.  I would classify myself as one of the most unsocial people I know.  I don’t call or email friends and family unless they contact me first and leave a message.  In which case, I MAY get back to them within the week – or month.  BAAAD!  I know.  Especially bad in the blogging community, right?

I blame it on my childhood. 

That excuse isn’t going to fly is it?  Oh well, it was worth a try.

“Well all that’s fittin’ to change!”, exclaimed the newly social un-socialite.  I’ve always considered myself a Jack – excuse me – a “Jackie” of all trades, master of none.  I somehow have accumulated a plethora of knowledge, tidbits, questions, answers, anecdotes and experiences on a variety of topics.  “So get ready, ’cause here I come.”  I’m blogging now and I have a lot to say.  Maybe this will be a good thing!  I will hopefully be able to finally get some sleep now that I will be dumping what’s in my brain out on the proverbial virtual table for all to see.  I won’t have to store it anymore.  It will be right here and will carry on in others.  So, I guess I have you – you bloggers – to thank for helping me get some rest.  Ah.  Maybe now I can get some sleep.  See, I’m dozing alr – zzzzzzzz.

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One Response to Hello world! I’m BLOGGING! Maybe now I can get some sleep.

  1. a64dawg says:

    You’re going to find some things out about life and more importantly… yourself. You’ve been through quite a bit and a lo…, excuse me, a LOT… of changes. So to speak.

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