Still Alive!

You know…I hate cooking.  No.  Seriously.  I HATE COOKING!  What’s amazing is that my kids are still alive.  Heck, the 15 month old is overweight.  Well, now that I think about it, he doesn’t eat any of my cooking.  He has his bottle of milk, his cereal and his baby food (yes, still on jar food).  This quite possibly would explain why he isn’t malnourished.

What’s strange is that just about everyone in my family – my mom, my aunts, my SISTER, even my husband – can cook pretty well.  What happened to me?  Where did I go wrong? I know.  God shouldn’t have allowed me to have children. (Just kidding)

For someone who doesn’t like to cook, my kids do eat everyday.  I’ll admit.  Occasionally, I’ll get them something from “Ole McDonald”.  That’s what the three-year old calls it. But, for the most part they eat home cooked meals.  MY home cooked meals.  For some reason, they seem to enjoy it – go figure!  How much spaghetti, meatloaf, hamburger helper and grilled chicken can a family eat in one week?  Thankfully, my husband works his kitchen mega-magic so the family gets a break from the norm a few times a week.  My sister comes to visit every so often and whips us up something spectacular – of course.  I would feel really sorry for my kids if I didn’t have my family pitching in.

Well, we’re eating at least three meals a day (not including the snacks – that’s another topic).  We’re healthy.  We may not be eating a bountiful variety of meals and dishes, but we’re doing okay.  We’re still alive!

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2 Responses to Still Alive!

  1. lojack01 says:

    Get a cook book and follow the directions. You’ll be amazed what you can make with elementary level reading and math.

  2. nimbooz says:

    What a novel idea! I hadn’t thought of that (NOT). I actually have a decent number of cook books. A few I really like and use when I’ve taken the time to plan ahead and buy the ingredients. I have a number of recipes that I think are awesome and plan on sharing on Nimbooz -geared for cooking lovers and non-cooking lovers alike. And guess what? I excelled at reading and math, so no worries. These dishes always turn out spot-on. Even the three year-old loves them.

    It doesn’t change the fact that I HATE cooking – it’s just not my thing. But when I plan ahead, it’s tolerable.

    Thanks for the Post!

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