Need a Website for Your Church? Start Here.

Greetings community!  I’ve talked to a number of people, visited many a church website and built several church sites myself.  Some sites are phenomenal (applaud) while others are…well…let’s not go there (They suck!).  For those of you who belong to a church whose site gets a lot of traffic, is well designed, easy to navigate and gets your attention, you are one of the lucky few that obviously has a site that “works” – for you, the community and the church function itself.  As for the rest of you, let’s talk.

Over the next several weeks and months I will be publishing a series of posts on the topic “Building an Effective Church Website“.  To get you salivating, here are some of the areas of discussion:

  • Common themes and features
  • Sure fire ways for your site to fail
  • Pulling together your website committee, team or ministry
  • Planning your site – site requirements and schedule (I’m not talking “design” here)
  • Domain names, URLs and hosting services
  • What’s all this going to cost?
  • Marketing and communications
  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • ..and more

I’ll also offer some tools, samples and resources to get you started.  You can expect the first post to appear on the site in about two weeks.  For now, why don’t you subscribe to Nimbooz (and tell others), so that when the series begins you’ll be ready to submit your comments or ask questions.  If you have any questions or comments that you would like addressed ahead of time or incorporated into the series, go ahead and post them now.  I’m sure others will have similar thoughts.  Why not share?

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