Stone River Inspiration

Stone River

Andy Goldsworthy's Stone River

Ever heard of the artist/sculptor, Andy Goldwsorthy?  I hadn’t.  At least not until my ten-year old daughter studied his land art sculpture, “Stone River”, in her Art Talks club at Stafford Elementary School. (Gotta love the arts!)  Andy Goldsworthy, a british sculptor and environmentalist, is well known for developing “land art” typically set in an urban or natural setting.    The “Stone River” is a stacked wall of stones – 4-foot wide at its base rising to a triangular point at its peak – that undulates and flows through the surrounding landscape:  hence the name “Stone River”.  Along with eight professional dry-stone wallers, it took Goldsworthy three and a half weeks – 11 hours a day, six days a week. 

Well, for the Art Talks project, each student sculpted their own stone wall – taking one hour a week for four weeks.  Not bad right!?  Okay. Okay.  My daughter’s sculpted wall, made of clay, is not in an urban or environmental setting.  It’s on an 8″ X 11″ piece of cardboard.  STILL!  Really cool!  Although it doesn’t rise to a peak and perhaps conjures a variety of “less than inspirational” images in one’s mind, I’m still a proud momma!
What I thought was even more special is that she was so inspired, she decided to write a poem about her stone river.  Publishable?  Maybe.  It is certainly beyond the scope of most ten-year olds.
Drew's stone river replica

Drew's stone river

Stone River Poem
by Drew Lynch
Yet so still.
To study its fluid motion
as if a ballet.
Let it sway its own way today.
It’s by a bay. 
My stone river is all of these things.
Yet still springs about certain things.
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One Response to Stone River Inspiration

  1. a64dawg says:

    It may be a bit much for an uncle to comment… but I’m doing it anyway. This wonderfully creative young lady is very much like her mother, in so many ways. It’s interesting to see and learn how she’s mirroring the creativity shown by her mother at her age.

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