Building A House of “Card”ations

cardsEver feel like your life is like a house of  “card”ations?  What’s a cardation?  A cardation is what I call an area of your life that you struggle to build and maintain, often with the illusion of indestruction and triumph – liken to the construction of a house of cards. 

A good way to think of a cardation is to use the metaphor of your own home. Similar to your own home that has various rooms (some more important, more enjoyed or more frequented than others), perhaps with interconnected levels, a foundation and a roof – a cardation can be thought of as any one of these components.  Put together, they form your home.  In the case of cardations, when put together, comprise your entire life.  Understood?

You may have many cardations in your life – be it your career, your marriage, your children, your ideals, your hopes and dreams, your lifestyle, your spirituality, your friendships, the list goes on.

While consructing your house of cards – or cardations – you strategize and devise tactics to “ensure” the stability of your house while painstakingly placing each card with the utmost care and consideration. Holding your breath, you slip the card into its designated cardation location, ever cognizant that the other cards in its vicinity will either allow the new entity without event, by embracing the presence and support the new entity brings or, worst of all, the new entity is rejected and the house you’ve worked so diligently to build and maintain is toppled to the ground.  As you place each card, you exhale a sigh of relief – and glee.  Your house is not only still standing, it has grown!  What you’ve forgotten, however, is that outside forces beyond your control are seemingly waiting in the wings, without your knowledge, and threaten to obliterate your house of cardations.

What are these forces?  Where do they come from?  Who sent them? Why?  Virtually anything goes – a co-worker (male or female), drugs or alcohol, a plummet in the stock market, unexpected life events such as a birth, death, divorce, or a competitor.  At times, it feels like these forces are “organic”.  They’re alive.  They have a brain and a nervous system.  They morph and change.  They run, skip and hide.  They breathe and eat.  Oh yes, they eat!  What do they eat?  They eat your cardations, that’s what.

“OMG! What should I do?  I’ve worked so hard to build my cardations!”  Well, first of all, don’t worry about it.  Don’t obsess.  This is the “stuff” of life.  After all, without your cardations and the forces that jeopardize them, what would life be?  Really. Some people collect, hoard and build their cardations without ceasing – higher and higher, larger and larger.  In their eyes, the more (and bigger) the cardations they can create – the better.  Some folk go through great pains to seek out all the “possible” forces that could threaten their cardation palaces and build “blockade” cardations that, in their minds, will block-out any unforseen force – guaranteeing an impenetrable barrier.  I’m sure some people spring to your mind – especially those in the entertainment and music industry.  They may even be your inspirations from which you form molds for your very own cardations.  Keep in mind, however, with great power comes great responsibility.  The one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.  I’m sure that those who have inspired you will hold this to be true.

Inevitably, one or more of your cardations may suffer damage or demolition throughout your life.  What can be done when this occurs?  Do what you would normally do when you’ve built a house of cards that has toppled.  Take some deep breaths.  Get over it. Start again.

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