“Breaking In” – Slow Starter

Not easy breaking into the publishing world. Lots of advice out there. One piece of advice I hear and read over and over again is to BLOG – to refine your skills and build your platform. I get it. I do. But for this “Breaking In” series of posts, pretend I’m TALKING to you and not trying to practice my writing skills – K?

So, I attended the SCBWI national conference in L.A last year. I loved it! I came away inspired-motivated- excited…AND… discouraged – confused – hopeless. Now, how is that possible? Bipolar disorder? Perhaps.

I’ve never heard so much conflicting guidance before in my life! Not intentional I am sure, but contradictions all the same. For example…the trend in writing or illustrating is “x, y, z”… Pay attention to the trends. Heck, there was an entire session devoted to trends. BUT THEN in virtually the same breath we were told to “be yourself”, “share your unique voice and point of view.” OKAAY….I am trying that and its not working.

Another example for you- “just keep working at your craft, you WILL ‘make it'”- which meant, I guess, get picked up by an agent, publisher or get lots of contracts. While other newbies submit one manuscript or illustration, and BOOM, they “made it” …. WHAT??!! What was the magic formula? I want some of that!

Just kidding, I hope you know that (maybe) 😉

As a single mom of three young children, working a full-time job that recently requires OT, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, chores, shopping and shuttling kids to activities and doctor appointments, I’m thinking it’s safe to say that I will be one of those slow-starters. No magic-potion-big-boom- POOF! SUPERSTAR! Just set the crock pot to low….that will have to be me for now.

So…reading, writing, illustrating and platform building when I can spare a few minutes, when I can’t sleep or when I’m waiting at the doctors office will be my story. Maybe by the time my crock pot is done cooking, the trends will have swung my way! The industry isn’t going anywhere…and neither am I.

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2 Responses to “Breaking In” – Slow Starter

  1. I like how you highlighted the dichotomy of advice. ‘Be yourself, but write this…’ That kinda marketing schtick makes me laugh cynically.

    But like music, or film, there are trends which some people happen to write on and BAM! they are in the right place at the right time with the right book in the right agents hands in the right…you get my drift.

    It can be fast or slow, either way enjoy the process.

    • nimbooz says:

      Thanks so much and I do understand…which is why I have learned to just keep doing me, but be mindful of what’s going on in the market.

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