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“Breaking In” – Slow Starter

Not easy breaking into the publishing world. Lots of advice out there. One piece of advice I hear and read over and over again is to BLOG – to refine your skills and build your platform. I get it. I … Continue reading

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Building A House of “Card”ations

Ever feel like your life is like a house of  “card”ations?  What’s a cardation?  A cardation is what I call an area of your life that you struggle to build and maintain, often with the illusion of indestruction and triumph – liken to the construction … Continue reading

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Stone River Inspiration

Ever heard of the artist/sculptor, Andy Goldwsorthy?  I hadn’t.  At least not until my ten-year old daughter studied his land art sculpture, “Stone River”, in her Art Talks club at Stafford Elementary School. (Gotta love the arts!)  Andy Goldsworthy, a british … Continue reading

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“Creatology” Exhibition in Stafford VA – Fine Arts Festival

Creatology – the study of creativity; a discipline approaching the creativity’s processes, techniques and forms.  If scientists ever wanted a micro-environment for studying creativity, they certainly could have started at the Stafford county’s Fine Arts Festival today which featured student and … Continue reading

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Museum Visits as of Late – The National Portrait Gallery

I’m not sure how many of you like visiting museums – there are so many types.  I, personally, tend to lean towards the arts.  With three kids, a husband and a full-time job life is hectic.  I’ll bet if you … Continue reading

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Need a Website for Your Church? Start Here.

Greetings community!  I’ve talked to a number of people, visited many a church website and built several church sites myself.  Some sites are phenomenal (applaud) while others are…well…let’s not go there (They suck!).  For those of you who belong to … Continue reading

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Still Alive!

You know…I hate cooking.  No.  Seriously.  I HATE COOKING!  What’s amazing is that my kids are still alive.  Heck, the 15 month old is overweight.  Well, now that I think about it, he doesn’t eat any of my cooking.  He … Continue reading

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Hello world! I’m BLOGGING! Maybe now I can get some sleep.

Can you believe it? Me? A “blogger”?!  Who would have thunk it?  Not me. That’s for sure.  I would classify myself as one of the most unsocial people I know.  I don’t call or email friends and family unless they … Continue reading

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